Styles of the Music

New Zealand is known for its top radio shows. The radio stations are loved by many listeners because of their good selection of music. Most of the radio stations have gone a long way to ensure all members of the community are factored in the music selection. This article highlights the genres of music that most listeners preferred. The selection of music includes;

  • Contemporary rock,
  • Pop music,
  • Old school music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Regardless of your age, you will easily enjoy the music selection.

Contemporary Rock

This is a general term that includes soft rock, soul, quiet storm music, ballad-heavy music and 1960s vocals. It became popular in the 1960s and 1970s. However, it has evolved a lot and it mainly focuses on harmonies and melodies. It is in-offensive and melodic enough that the older generation love it.

There is also contemporary Christian music which has become a fan favorite. It resembles the soft rock music because it is gentle unlike hard rock music. It is unaggressive and it focuses more on the lyrics than the beats.

Many radio stations specialize on contemporary rock because of its ability to reach out to many people. Contemporary rock is suitable for all age brackets.

Pop Music

This is a type of music that is energetic and electric. It is the kind of music to liven up any event. Pop music is mainly for the youth and young adults. It originated in the mid 1950s and for a while it was linked to rock music until the 1960s when it was distinguished from rock music.

Some of the distinguishing factors are;

  • use of hooks,
  • repeated choruses,
  • melodic tunes,
  • verse-chorus structure.

The beauty of pop music is that it can borrow different styles from other genres. For example, Latin, dance and urban. The beats and melodies of pop music are simple and the lyrics focus on simple themes.

Most of the pop songs are romantic and aim to encourage the listeners to be active and dance. Pop songs often follow a rhythmic sequence and focuses on catchy hooks and melodies too. The chorus more often than not contrasts with the verse in terms of both rhythm and melody.

Old School Music

This is a type of music the elderly connect with. With the changing generation, music also changed. This form of music is appreciated by the older generation because it is the type of music they grew up listening to.

Most of the elderly in the society do not understand the type of music that the youth listen to. Old school music is not loud and energetic like the rock music.

Most of the radio stations are highly appreciated by the listeners for taking their time to accommodate everyone.

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