Morning Breakfast Show with OJ Jackson

The morning breakfast show with OJ Jackson has become a favorite among many New Zealand listeners. The show has very good ratings compared to other morning radio shows. Port FM, a local radio station hosts the famous radio show.

It is located in Timaru but it broadcasts throughout the MacKenzie country. There is also Port Fm Local, a sister station to port FM which operates in Oamaru and Ashburton. The Timaru based station is the network feed for the morning breakfast show.

Port Fm is a privately owned station and is one of the few stations not controlled by New Zealand media and entertainment. The morning breakfast show is hosted by Owen Jackson who has been hosting radio shows since 2002.

The morning breakfast show faces stiff competition from other radio shows such as;

  • The Edge breakfast show
  • Newstalk breakfast show
  • More FM breakfast show
  • The breeze breakfast show
  • ZM’s Fletch, Vaughan and Megan breakfast show.

The show is popular due to its wide variety of content. Owen Jackson’s lively personality also contributes to the show. A good example is how he celebrated his 40th birthday. He opted to celebrate it in style by recording a rock video and getting a tattoo. The tattoo was a crazy idea for a 40 year old but the listeners loved the idea. He got a tattoo of his sons’ names, Adam and Liam.

The show focuses on a variety of items such as;

  • Celebrity gossip,
  • latest news,
  • trending scandals,
  • Entertainment news,
  • Humor,
  • Music such as rock and pop,
  • Sports news.

There are also interactive segments where the hosts invites guest for a brief interview. The guests can be celebrities, upcoming musicians, people holding public offices in the country and motivational speakers. This goes a long way in keeping the listeners glued to the morning breakfast show.

There are also serious discussions on various challenges in the society. It is not always fun and games. The listeners also get a chance to call in and air their views on issues that affect them. Many people love the breakfast show because it adds value to them. It is not a radio station to help you pass time in traffic.

You get to learn a lot of informative knowledge and listen to good music. There are selected days for playing songs from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. This allows for all age groups to be accommodated in the breakfast show.

Other than the serious discussions, there is also the latest celebrity gossip and trending scandals. Most of the female listeners love this segment. The men are also covered in the latest sports news.

The morning breakfast show is the best way of starting your day. Regardless of your age, the content featured is suitable for everyone.

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