DJ On the Radio

Having a DJ job on a radio station is one of the most thrilling jobs that you can have. You are in charge of what your listeners get to listen to. Like any other job, it has its pros and cons. This article will highlight both aspects; the positive and negative attributes of the job.


  • Chance to showcase your talent

Being a radio DJ will give you a great platform to grow your skills and showcase your talent. Considering your music will reach a large variety of people, it is good to make a positive impact. You can easily market yourself or let your work market you. Some of the famous d j’s started from the radio stations and grew with time to international standards.

  • Motivate Listeners

As a radio DJ, you are allowed to discuss various issues during the break between songs. That is a great opportunity to pass useful information to your listeners. You can discuss every day issues within the society and also meaningful content that will add value to the listeners.

  • Good income

Who doesn’t want a job with a good salary? Most of the radio DJ jobs pay quite well. A study revealed that radio DJ’s earn roughly 28,000 dollars annually. That is a very good amount in addition to having a fun job and the fame that comes with it.


  • Irregular working hours

A radio DJ does not operate on the typical 9am to 5pm working hours. You have to be flexible. Some radio shows start as early as 6am and some end at 10pm. There are certain times you will be required to fill in for your sick colleague. Once the listeners get accustomed to you, it will be challenging to hire a person from outside to fill in for your colleague. The listeners would rather have you than a temporary replacement.

  • Very Challenging

Being a radio DJ, there are ratings that your show has to achieve. Getting top ratings is not easy. You really have to work hard to become a favorite among your listeners. The stations thrive on good ratings.

  • Be a role model

As a radio DJ, you are considered a media personality. Someone who people can look up to. Therefore you are required to conduct yourself in a positive manner. An employee of a certain radio station shared how it was difficult for him to have any personal views. He had to always say the right thing at the right time. Each statement meant something to the listeners.

Being a radio DJ is a very good but demanding job. You just have to learn how to balance the good and bad side of the job.

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