PortFM – the Best One

Port Fm is one of the top radio stations in New Zealand and it is located in Timaru. It is famous for the morning breakfast show hosted by Owen Jackson. Very few advertisements are featured and prominent sponsors like Online Casinos have greatly supported radio activities.

There are other programs during the day to keep you entertained. For example;

  • The daytime show hosted by Eve O’Brien,
  • The network drive show hosted by James Valentine,
  • Two night time music shows, Keepin’ it Kiwi and 3 hours of rock music,
  • Sports breakfast show on Saturday,
  • Sunday day time show hosted by James Valentine,
  • Rick Dee’s Weekly Top 40 on Sunday afternoon,
  • Retro Pop reunion hosted by Joe Cortez

The radio station has grown a lot over the years, but how exactly did it start?

Port Fm was founded in 1995 by Brent Birchfield. He is a radio entrepreneur therefore making the station to be privately owned. Port Fm is an independent radio station and not affiliated in any way with the New Zealand Media and Entertainment.

This was a huge step since most of the radio stations in New Zealand are owned by the government. However, Port FM has good relations with Media works New Zealand and it has grown to have sister stations named Port Fm Local.

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The sister stations are located in Ashburton and Oamaru. However, Timaru still remains as the head station and it provides network feed to the Port Fm Local sub stations. In 2006, two other stations owned by Port Fm were renamed to Port Fm Regional. The stations are located in Ashburton and Oamaru and were originally known as Whitestone 100 Fm and Fox FM.

The morning breakfast show is loved by many people because of its content, which is;

  • Celebrity gossip,
  • latest news,
  • trending scandals,
  • Entertainment news,
  • Humor,
  • Music such as rock and pop,
  • Sports news.

Listeners are glued to the breakfast show every morning because of the interactive segments. Port FM has done a lot to revolutionize the radio industry in New Zealand. Other independent radio stations are slowly coming up which is a positive influence.

The music featured by Port Fm has also contributed to the station’s popularity. Contemporary rock, Old school music and Pop music accommodate all age groups in the society.

Port FM is the kind of radio station you can openly listen to with the rest of your family. There is no vulgar, obscene or x rated content. The sports shows are the best since you get to catch up on the latest news in the sports industry. Especially for people who work long hours and do not have the time to watch the matches.

The station also runs a music network called ‘The Port Fm Music Network.’ Most of the details concerning the station are featured here including the timing of all the shows. You can also listen to the shows live through the network. There is a button for listen live, once you click on it the next step is to input the device you are using. It can be your personal computer, iphone/ipad or your android mobile phone. Once you input the required details, you are good to go.

The Port Fm Music Network has been very beneficial and don’t have to carry your radio around. Generally, Port Fm has been a breath of fresh air to many listeners. It has given the listeners a reason to tune into the station every single day